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206/06/20171322लेटरल एंट्री के माध्यम से सीधे नामांकन के सम्बन्ध में | Click here 
315/05/20171141The Science and Technology Department Field Clerical Cadre Rule 2015 Click here 
405/09/20162321बिहार राजकीय अभियंत्रण/पोलिटेकनिक निबंधक सेवा नियमावली, 2016 Click here 
516/06/20161596विज्ञान एवं प्रावैधिकी विभाग के अभि0 एवं पोली0 कर्मशाला संवर्ग नियमावली ,2015 में संशोधन के सम्बन्ध में | Click here 
610/06/20161512विज्ञान एवं प्रावैधिकी विभाग के अभी0 एवं पोली0 प्रयोगशाला संवर्ग नियमावली ,2015 में संशोधन के सम्बन्ध में | Click here 
726/05/20151190Clerical Cadre(Recruitment and Service Conditions) Rules, 2015 Click here 
802/03/2015509Engineering and Polytechnic Laboratory Cadre Rules, 2014(Science & Technology Department) Click here 
920/01/2015166राजकीय पॉलिटेक्निक संस्थानों में व्याख्याताओ के पद पर नियमित नियुक्ति के सम्बन्ध में | Click here 
1028/03/2014897बिहार पॉलिटेक्निक शिक्षा सेवा नियमावली - 2014 Click here 
1128/03/2014896बिहार अभियंत्रण शिक्षा सेवा नियमावली - 2014 Click here 
1203/03/2014606सी० डब्लू० जे० सी० संख्या - 10834/2012 डा० लालबाबू सिंह एवं अन्य बनाम राज्य सरकार Click here 
1305/02/2014336मान्यता प्राप्त संस्थान में छात्र / छात्राओं के नामांकन की प्रक्रिया के पर्यवेक्षण हेतु समिति Click here 
1426/12/20133451भूमि दाता द्वारा दानस्‍वरूप प्रदत्त भूमि पर सरकारी क्षेत्र में तकनीकी संस्थान स्‍थापित किए जाने के संबंध में । Click here 
1528/09/20122319Service adjustment of Board/Corporation's Engineers in Govt. Polytechnic wef 19.04.2010 Click here 
1614/09/20122131Age of Retirement for Teachers of Engg. College & Polytechnic 65 from 62. Click here 
1717/07/20121671Sanction for Selection of Master Plan Consultant for SCIENCE CITY in Patna. Click here 
1819/04/2012974Eligibility of 3 yrs Diploma holders in CSE/CA/IT in State Govt. job Click here 
1917/04/201294820% Additional Seat in Degree and Diploma for LE admission & 5% under Fee waiver scheme. Click here 
2011/08/201175206th Pay Notification 4 Engg. College by Finance Deptt. GOB. Click here 
2129/07/201170276th Pay Notification 4 Polytechnic by Finance Deptt. GOB. Click here 
2209/12/20103327Training & Placement Cell for Engg. College/Polytechnic. Click here 
2329/04/20101189अभियंत्रण एवं पॉलिटेक्निक संस्थानो के शिक्षको के कार्य दिवस सुनिश्चित करने एवं अवकाश लागु करने के सम्बन्ध में । Click here 
2422/01/201037-3/Legal/2010AICTE Pay Scales in Technical Instts.(DIPLOMA) Regulation 2010 Click here 
2522/01/201037-3/Legal/2010AICTE Pay Scales in Engg. College Regulation 2010 Click here 
2619/11/20093164Engineering / Branch Transfer Rule for Engineering Student Click here 
2724/07/20092015Donation of Land for Technical Institute in the name of DONOR Click here 
2809/06/20091389Departmental Order for Scrap Disposal from Institutions Click here 
2913/02/2009244Recruitment Norms for Lecturer/HOD/Principal in Engg. College/Polytechnic Click here 
3011/09/20082505Waiver of Upper age limit of Teachers for Engg. College Polytechnic Click here 
3110/09/20082493Polytechnic / Branch transfer rule for Diploma Students. Click here 
3209/10/20066541Financial benefit from 01.01.96 of previous Promotion got by 01.03.89 for Engg. College Teachers Click here 
3328/09/20061738Extension of Retiremnt Age of Engg. College & Polytechnic Teachers from 60 to 62 Yrs Click here 
3423/08/2005765Diploma is equivalent to (higher than)Intermediate (10+2). Click here 
3502/01/20032Pay scale revision of Diploma level technical Institutions Click here 
3630/01/2002164Guidelines for improving teaching standard in Technical Institution. Click here 
3730/07/2001TTTITraining facility in NITTTR. Click here 
3807/04/2001706Apprentice training of Diploma/Engineering Graduates. Click here 
3903/04/2001693Apprentice training of Diploma/Engineering Graduates. Click here 
4002/02/2001200Admission in Polytechnic through BCECE Board Click here 
4123/01/20012220Upgradation of Training & Placement Cell in the institution. Click here 
4215/03/200099Pay Revision of Degree Level Technical Institution by AICTE 01.01.96 Click here 
4330/12/199998-99AICTE notification for revised Pay Scale of Polytechnic teachers as on 01.01.1996 Click here 
4407/07/19932013Revenue Resource Generation. Click here 
4515/01/1993128Internal Resource Generation. Click here 
4616/03/1988807Approval of Indira Gandhi Science Complex and approval of Planetarium Project. Click here 
4716/03/1988808Approval of establishment of Bihar Remote Sensing Application Centre. Click here 
4809/01/1986113Creation fo SBTE Exam Fund for Exanination and Evaluation work. Click here 
4905/08/19842070Fee Hike in Development fund. Click here 
5005/04/19841983Bihar State Engineering and Pharmacy Educational Institution (Regulations & Control Amendment) Act 1983. Click here 
5101/01/1980MOUMemorandum of understanding for the installation and usage of the National Informatics Centre computer facilities. Click here 
5201/01/1980BCSTMOA on Bihar Council on Science & Technology. Click here 
5301/01/19801991Bihar Private Engineering College (Take Over) Bill 1991. Click here 
5401/01/1980MOUMOU of Biotechnology Centre. Click here 

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