• Development of Science and Technology and policy decision of all the subject concerned.
  • Interdepartmental coordination in the subjects related to Science & Technology.
  • Survey, research and design in subject related to Science & Technology.
  • Grants to the persons and institutions involved in survey, research and design activities relating to Science and Technology.
  • Supporting and co-ordinating applied research programmes in Universities and other institutions.
  • Formulation of Science & Technology plans relevant to the following identified needs of the State, e.g.

    (i) Application of Satellite technology to land –survey, flood forecasting and geological investigation.
    (ii) Aerial photography and its analysis for development of land, water, mineral and forest resources.
    (iii) Formulation of schemes, management of teaching –learning and regulations of rules in the field of Aviation training, Oceanic Science, Bio Technology, Nano Technology etc.
    (iv) Regulations of Scientific and Technical education imparted by State or other agencies.

  • Controlling of all employees of the department.
  • Administrative Charge of all buildings occupied by the Department.
  • Technical Education and Training.
  • Business connected with Board constituted regarding Technical Education; constitution and administrative control of State Board of Technical Education.   

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