It gives me immense pleasure that Department of Science & Technology is updating its website. No doubt the websites are acting as a bridge between Govt. & citizens. I hope that this website serves its very purpose as the medium of information, dissemination and communication for its citizen.

Though our state has been mostly agrarian, the returns from this sector have been mostly erratic due to various factors and it is natural for the economy to look to manufacturing and services sectors for its growth. With the increasing flow of technology, finance, trade, knowledge, people values and ideas across border, we need technically competent manpower for efficient and effective use of these resources. The technical manpower requirements are addressed to by the Polytechnics and Engineering colleges.

The vision of the Government both at macro and micro level is inarguably to produce quality products marketable anywhere in the world. In order to be globally competitive we have to refurbish the pattern, structure and content of technical education. There is a need to encourage consultations, linkages and networking among all S&T players including universities, research institutions, industry, multilateral organizations, professional associations, donors, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and government departments and the community to maximize efficient use of resources.

I am glad that DST, Bihar has achieved many milestones in recent past and striving further for a better prospect of our state.

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