The Department of Science & Technology aims to spread and improve technical education. It envisages a two pronged strategy of having an Engineering College in every Division, a Polytechnic in every District as well as sustained focus on quality of instruction. Popularizing Science in society is the other major objective of this Department.

Major strides have been made in establishing new technical institutions with several new Engineering Colleges & Polytechnics being set up in the State. Equipping them with high quality laboratory and workshop infrastructure as well as providing competent teaching resources is high on the Department’s Agenda.

At the same time, spreading Science as an outlook as well as for igniting young, curious minds remains a high priority. We believe that a society that encourages science augurs well for development of Bihar and the nation. The Department also fosters research in all areas of Science & Technology, especially sunrise sectors. And it also actively encourages scientists of the state to gain exposure within and outside the country.

We believe that development of Science & Technology certainly holds a key to progress and prosperity. We believe, therefore we are.

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